About Us

International Healthcare Distributors Ltd is a company formed by Kenyan pharmaceutical professionals with the aim of transforming medical logistics in the East African region and Sub-Saharan Africa at large. The IHD EA team has successfully run pharmaceutical ventures locally and regionally, and was instrumental in setting up the first pre-wholesale warehousing operation in Kenya, transforming medical logistics. With extensive experience and contacts in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, and leveraging on this wide experience; IHD aims to address the gaps that still exist in the sector with regards to warehousing, distribution and regional logistics.

IHD EA has obtained authorization from the Kenya Revenue Authority to set up the first and only regional customs bonded facility. Products stored at the hub are offshore for customs purposes. Re-export of the products is not subject to local tax and levies. Products imported into Kenya incur local statutory duties and taxes. The Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) has given special permission for products that are not registered in Kenya to transit through the hub. These products are not to be imported into Kenya unless specific permits are issued by PPB. Companies can take advantage of this facility to manage different packs such as non- English packs through the hub. Clinical trial products and items for named patients can also be managed through the hub.

Kenya Airways is targeted as the carrier partner. The KQ Pharma product ensures priority, guaranteed uplift under controlled conditions as well as an optimal price point. The Kenya Airways network is extensive both for inbound freight as well as outbound, intra-Africa movements. To further manage the customs process, IHD EA has established an in-house customs clearing subsidiary. The subsidiary will offer specialized and focused clearing services to the pharmaceutical industry with a keen focus on quality as well as cost. The subsidiary is dully licensed by the Kenya Revenue Authority and will be able to offer customs brokerage services to IHD EA clients.

IHD EA has set in place the foundation to deliver the promise of optimized supply chain.

We have a new and most up-to-date pharmaceutical warehouse With pharmaceutical temperature-controlled storage, it is important to treat every intake individually. Our success in this area comes from supporting our customers with facilities that, in addition to meeting security and hygiene standards, are designed to meet the specific needs of individual businesses.

Services We Do

  • Inbound Logistics Support
  • Inbound Customs Intervention
  • Value Added Service
  • Warehousing in bond
  • Local Distribution
  • Export Processing
  • Outbound Logistics Support